Setting up SHOT and SHOW variables

Are there any resources/tutorials on how to build an OCIO config that uses variables? I can’t quite get my head around it. I’ve seen in some VFX company pipelines that have variables set for the show ($SHOW) and the shot ($SHOT) which adds the CDL on each shot.

And then having this work across a network of people, not necessarily with login credentials….

In the viewer in Nuke you then get these different views which are helpful for comp work.

Any pointers are much appreciated.

Have you seen the per-shot example in the OCIO docs?

There is a partial example here Modifying the show grading space using looks · AcademySoftwareFoundation/OpenColorIO Wiki · GitHub

using the filesystem hierarchy and the search path to look for files most specific first, e.g. looking for a CDL called primary.cdl in the directory grades/$SCENE/$SHOT/$ELEMENT, then grades/$SCENE/$SHOT … etc until it finds one. you should create a primary.cdl file that does nothing in the last directory so the config is valid.

Same goes for the show_lut.cube file


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Thanks Derek, I had read this before but good to look through it again with a little more knowledge. I think I’m overthinking it, my gap in knowledge is the variables part, so this isn’t really an OCIO thing I suppose and more of a file system / env thing where I need to learn more!