SMPTE 5-year reviews

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The following documents in SMPTE are now eligible for a 5-year review of the documents:
2065-1 ACES Color Encoding Specification
2065-2 Academy Printing Density: Spectral Responsitivities, Reference Measurement Device and Spectral Calculation
2065-3 Academy Density Exchange Encoding (ADX)
2065-4 ACES Image Container File Layout

Documents are evaluated on the basis of whether they contain harmful or misleading information (aka mistakes) that suggest work should be done on the document (a revision). In the absence of such information, documents can be reaffirmed as is. If there is any issue with the documents as published, please indicate the issues with the referenced documents here. Issues relative to ACES system design issues are for discussion elsewhere. This section is for discussion of issues with accuracy (normative provisions) or explanation (informative provisions) in these documents that may have been revealed during implementation. Thanks for looking over these documents before Dec 4. Annie and the ACES leadership team can address any comments and discern if SMPTE revision work is needed.

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Thanks Jim! We’re going to take a look at these documents and get back to Peter Dare at SMPTE.

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