Sony A7 S Cine1(Hyper Gamma 4)

I’ve had some media pop up for a large project that is being managed in ACES through Resolve. I can’t find anything anywhere on the IDTs or colour management for Cine1 or any of the Cine options. Must be missing something so would love a nudge in the right direction.

Sony do not publish the formulae for their Hyper Gamma curves, as far as I am aware, so there are no IDTs for them. In addition, Hyper Gamma settings do not lock the user out of making various in-camera image tweaks, in the way that the S-Log modes do. Hyper Gamma is really display referred, and adjusted by the camera operator to “look pleasing”, so it is not really possible to invert it to true scene referred.

At least that is my understanding. Anybody who knows better please jump in and correct me.