Standard set of Output Transforms

Following on from discussion in meeting #157, this thread is an opportunity for people to propose additional Output Transforms which they believe should be included in the standard set which all implementers are expected to include. Or indeed transform which are in the current set which people feel should be deprecated.

The current proposed set are here and are listed, together with some already suggested additions, in this spreadsheet.

Two things jump out at me from looking at the spreadsheet.

  1. There is only one HLG transform, which is the Rec.2020 limited version. If there is only to be one, I would suggest that the P3D65 limited version is more useful, although given that both are provided for PQ, logic would suggest the same should be true for HLG.

  2. Given that sRGB and sRGB 2.2 gamma seem to be equally prevalent in monitors in the real world, if a D60 sim variant is provided for “true” piecewise sRGB, should one not be provided for the 2.2 gamma variant as well?

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Please do not use the term “true” in this context. That does not help.