Subscribing to VWG Calendars

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As part of the ACESCentral update, we have integrated TeamUp calendars. This means that there are calendars available for you to subscribe to in your calendar app of choice. After we are sure everyone is configured for this calendar subscription to the calendars they want notifications for, we will cease sending out individual calendar invites.

You will need a URL that ends in the extension .ics, which will direct your calendaring application to the subsription location.
You can follow the guide in [this link] to learn how to access and copy the desired calendar links from the embedded calendar on ACESCentral.

Alternatively, you can right-click the links below to copy the .ics subscription links for each calendar. These are the same links that you would copy from the calendar embedded on ACESCentral (except placed here directly for you for your convenience).

Once you have the subscription link copied, you need to paste the iCalendar feed URL into the feed address field of the subscribing calendar application.

For help on adding a calendar subscription in a specific applications, follow the link(s) appropriate to your machine:

Hopefully, it’s pretty straightforward if you follow the guide, but if you need help figuring it out, please don’t hesitate to either reply here or email me directly for help.


FYI. These shared calendars offer very restricted usability.
In Outlook I cannot set any reminders on the scheduled events. Please let me know if you can.
Also, please confirm, but I think this will not block out your time when your availability is viewed by others in your org. You’re at risk of getting double-booked.
So it seems you’ll have to copy all events to your own calendar. :grimacing:

Thanks for the comment Lars. We’ll reach out to you through email in the morning!

So I tried importing the Gamut Mapping ics and I don’t have any future entries in my Google calendar It looks like these are not reoccurring, so won’t work as intended.

(They don’t contain RRULE lines for the events)


Hi Kevin,

Meetings aren’t at same time every week, so it’s not a recurring meeting. Calendar provides a feed that should update based on your preferences in your calendar program. I happen to use ical so I have it set up to refresh every hour, I think, or I can manually refresh by hitting command R on my mac. I’ll email you separately to see if we can sort out if there’s anyway to make it easier with your specific config.