Technical ODTs

As explained in this post:

all ODTs clip black levels, this is very bad when doing QC on a key or on grain/artifacts.

(RRTODT dont do this btw)

We just had this come up, and I am sure we are not the only ones having an Issue with this for doing technical work.

It seems like its all down to the Cinema Black value in the
const float CINEMA_BLACK = pow10(log10(0.02)

If Id known how, I would just get rid of the whole thing and make new shaper luts to use instead in a custom ocio without any cinema_black (or cinema_black=0) .

The ACESlib.OutputTransforms.ctl
has no mention of CINEMA_BLACK hence the RRTODTs dont clip the blacks, there just arent any srgb/709/p3 SDR RTRTODTs…

I understand it might be for some reason desirable to clip the blacks… but we dont need that for working.

Anyone has a solution? custom ODT? Custom RRT+ODT?

I can make a own 3D Lut that would do this from acesCC(t) to sRGB/709/P3 but I would rather have a proper inversible tranform.