Understanding the sRGB-Texture IDT - taking an image from the "screen" into the "scene"


I was looking into a way how to describe what happens when you use a display referred image and use it as a texture in a scene referred program like Nuke or a 3D application.

Sadly a lot of times I see the ODT sRGB/Rec.709 being misused for that purpose.

This topic comes up regularly here on ACESCentral and in other places so I thought why not try to find and make some images which show the implications of using a ODT as IDT.

The left surface uses a pure white image, add it as a texture with the IDT sRGB-Texture.
The right surface uses the same image but using the ODT as IDT and turning the surface in some kind of a light source.

Please find the whole article with more examples and explanations on my website: https://www.toodee.de/?page_id=2976

As always I am seeking feedback especially on mistakes or wrong usage of terms.

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I added a small addition to the page. A short animation of the scene above that I uploaded on Vimeo as an HDR file.
On an iPhone X or 11Pro with Safari you can see HDR content directly embedded on a website (mine is done with Wordpress).

And it works here too :sunglasses: