Using ACEScc/cct with Blackmagic Ultrastudio Monitor 3G

Hey everyone,

I’m very new to working with ACES so bear with me.

My Blackmagic Ultrastudio Monitor 3G device seems to be having compatability issues with ACEScc and ACEScct when used inside Davinci Resolve 18.5. Namely the gamma/overall image gets crushed and warped when outputting video from a Macbook Pro through the Ultrastudio to a BenQ SW270C monitor. Yet when I use ACEScc or cct in Davinci without the Ultrastudio the image looks right on the BenQ, as it should, but solely through a USB C/Thunderbolt connection.

See below for my color management settings:

And here for what the image looks like when I run ACEScct through Ultrastudio:

So my question is, has anyone in the community run into this issue before? Does anyone have a workaround? If so let me know! Davinci’s proprietary color management software works just fine with the Ultrastudio device (which makes sense considering they’re both made by Blackmagic) but would be awesome to be able to grade this project on ACES.

Maic O