Using LUTS with Maya 2022 and ACES

Hi there,

I’m very, very new to this deeper level of color management so please excuse my undoubtedly basic questions and noobiness.

I’m trying to do something that has been simpler in the past and in other DCC’s.
But with the introduction of OCIO v2 and ACES in Maya 2022.5’s color management preferences I’m having a bugger of a time trying to find answers to a seemingly simple question:
How do I implement a custom LUT with Maya 2022?

In the past you could add a new view/render transform in the color management menu options. But now it seems you need to manually modify the OCIO config file? Somehow?

In the end what I’m basically trying to do is create a simple View LUT that makes the Viewport image and Playblasts black and white.

If anybody could help shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it!