Viewing LUT:s from Resolve in Nuke


This topic might have been touched upon before but I post anyway. What I want to do is to see a grade made in Resolve while I´m compositing in Nuke. I´m not a compositor but I want to know how this is done, that´s why I´m digging in to it…

So…I make a primary grade in Resolve with ACES color science set to ACEScct version 1.1. The ODT is rec.709 and currently, while making a LUT out of this, there is no need to change this setting as the ODT is supposedly not baked into it.

In Nuke I use OCIO configured to ACES 1.0.1 and the working space set to ACEScg. In the viewer LUT I use sRGB D60 as suggested by The Foundry and it works pretty good. My linear EXR:s look almost the same here as in Resolve, there seems to be some slight gamma adjustment needed to match the images.

To get the primary grade from Resolve into Nuke I use the Vectorfield node. I load the LUT and keep the settings at default. With these settings the grade looks completely different than in Resolve. But if I change the working space in Nuke from ACEScg to ACEScc it looks the same. This is probably because the two working spaces, in Nuke and in Resolve, match.

But how can I get a LUT that matches ACEScg out from Resolve? This is my question… Is there someone out there who has tried this?

There is also a setting for colorspace in and colorspace out in the Vectorfield node which I keep at linear but… as I take it, ACEScct is not linear so maybe these settings should be changed.

All the best!
Kristian Krebs

Cube LUTs do not work on linear data without a shaper (which exports from Resolve don’t generate). Instead of Vectorfield try using OCIOFileTransform. That will allow you to choose the working space for the LUT as ACEScct, while leaving Nuke’s working space as ACEScg.

You need to be using the ACES 1.0.3 OCIO config to have access to ACEScct. If your grade was done in ACEScct in Resolve, it’s important to use the same in Nuke. Using ACEScc will match for most of the image, but the shadows will be different.

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Hah!! It works!!

Thank you very much Nick for your help! Now finally I can take the colors all the way from set into VFX, in ACES, and that makes me really happy! I know people are doing this all the time but for our studio this is a major event :slight_smile: So next step is to make the monitors on set to view ACES…