VR Mastering for BigScreen and other Apps

I have been testing a lot of video watching inside of VR apps. I love VR and am very passionate about the future of that platform. While 360 videos or 180 stereo are cool, I suspect with popularity growth that people will be watching movies more and more. Now with the Covid pandemic apps like BigScreen have paid theater viewing experiences. Currently Paramount is selling tickets to watch some movies in a giant shared movie theater.

ACES is being developed at the perfect time to both standardize and influence current content and even future HMD hardware. When the platform gains mass adoption I can see content being remastered for it in the same way we are dealing with HDR now. Resolution wise, I don’t see that being a big issue in the next year as UHD/4K content is far higher quality than current HMDs can display with sharp detail.

Personally, I have been trying to test the light coming off of various HMDs (Oculus Quest and PSVR). I don’t have any great data to share yet but I suspect the amount of light being taken in by the eye is more than the native capability of the screen due to the magnification through the lens inside of the HMD.

I’d love to be more involved in this if there is a group focused on VR. AR, at least in the context of TV/MOVIES, is a real-time VFX going down traditional pipelines. VR poses different challenges since it is the viewing platform as well.

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