Watch: Using Truelight Colour Spaces for effective colour management

Here at FilmLight, we’ve created series of videos to help you understand Truelight Colour Spaces and how they can be used to implement ACES.

Part 1 looks at the challenges & workflows for colour management today, while part 2 specifically looks at ACES to show how the framework handles the challenges discussed in part 1. We then demonstrate how to use Truelight Colour Spaces to implement the ACES idea, and show how the concept can be extended for different grading workflows.

While the videos above show TCS within Baselight, if you’re interested in Prelight we’ve recently added two more videos showing how to use Truelight Colour Spaces in this application.

BTW, Prelight is now in open beta and you can join the programme here:

Thanks @jofilmlight!

Just seen the first video, it is well done and good introduction to the colour management challenge in post-production.



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