When Colorist Does not know ACES workflow

i’m working on a project that ocio aces workflow nuke project. with i’m outputing file color space to ‘Arri LogC ISO800’ so that Colorist can import that into Davinci Resolve to Grade. and Colorist gave to me the .Cube file so that i can see Color Grade Version advenced when i’m working. but colorist doesn’t know about ACES Workflow so he worked in Yrgb color space in Davinci Resolve.

so How do i see correct Colorspace inside Nuke when i apply the .Cube File That has been created in Davinci Resolve

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Hi Kim,

Welcome to ACES central! I’ll try to help.

Let’s state some facts first:

  • What are you doing? VFX?
  • Which OCIO are you using? The latest ACES config?
  • If yes, are you files in ACEScg?
  • Can you send the files back to the colorist in linear?
  • Did the colorist do the lut on the LOGc files? Was it LOGc 3 or the new LOGc 4?
  • Do you want to see the LUT in your nuke viewer?


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What we do is view through their LUT, first doing an OCIOcolorSpace from ACEScg to whatever camera log they have (In your case LogC3). You’ll want to read in the footage in the color space it is in, again that means logC4 for the Read node output color space, same goes for the write node.

You may need other things such as a color matrix transform. For this reason its wise to do a round-trip test to ensure that you are achieving dailies color.

It’s vital that the LUT is not baked into the output, but is only used for viewing. What we therefore do is set this up as a display transform in your OCIO config using a variable for the show LUT. I have an example here with a link to the OCIO config in the description:

I hasten to add, if these are EXRs, you will likely need them to give you DPX instead. EXR is not made to hold log, and there could be some image/data loss, which everyone will want to avoid.