Which IDT should I use for Canon 5d footage


I am, in the near future, planning to shoot a reference plate of a grey and chrome ball. As I don’t have a professional camera myself, I was going to ask a photographer to help with the shoot.

The camera will be a canon 5d. Which IDT would I need to use to get it into the correct Aces color space? I will be be outputting to acescg space.

Will be shooting with either adobe rgb or srgb color profile.

Ps if anyone has any good guides on the whole process, that would be really helpful.


Hi Jimmy,

you didn’t really specify if you will shoot stills or video files with the Canon 5D.
For stills I am using Affinity Photo (export EXR linear-sRGB or ACEScg) or darktable (export EXR as linear-rec.709 or linear-rec.2020). For video there is no IDT for the Canon 5D files as far as I know.

Best, Daniel

Hey Daniel.

Sorry about that, stills will be fine for my purposes.

I was playing around with Davinchi resolve and it looks like there predefined IDT available.

Would this be the correct workflow? Using these settings, and exported out exr files (I will then be using this linear plate in 3d software to use as reference)


Hi Jim,

I was not aware that there is a Canon 5D IDT in Resolve. I will test that and compare it against the other methods I described above.

As far as I know the Canon 5D IDT is only for video footage from the camera.