Which Viewer Process on Mac Laptop

Question I’m a bit confused about. When I’m working on my workstation with a calibrated Eizo monitor, I pick my Nuke viewer process depending on how my monitor is set. If I’m working on a rec709 show and the Eizo is set to rec709, I use a 709 viewer process. But if I’m on my MacBook Pro with the default Apple Display (P3-500 nits) preset in Displays prefs, do I for instance pick a P3 viewer process? It seems like that works, but I want to make sure I’m understanding. Thanks!

Sort of. I got this OCIO transform from @nick

- !<ColorSpace>
    name: Apple Display P3 
    family: Display
    equalitygroup: ""
    bitdepth: 32f
    description: Convert CIE XYZ (D65 white) to P3-D65 with 2.2 Gamma EOTF
    isdata: false
    encoding: sdr-video
    allocation: uniform
    from_display_reference: !<GroupTransform>
        - !<MatrixTransform> {matrix: [ 2.493496911941426, -0.931383617919124, -0.402710784450717, 0, -0.829488969561575, 1.762664060318346, 0.023624685841944, 0, 0.035845830243784, -0.076172389268042, 0.956884524007687, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1 ]}
        - !<ExponentTransform> {value: [2.2, 2.2, 2.2, 1], direction: inverse}

As I understand it, the Apple display is P3 with a pure gamma of 2.2.

Thanks, interesting. how are you using that? when I add it to my config, nuke fails to load the .config file with an error. But I’ve never edited a .config file before so not surprising really

What version of ocio is your config? Should say at the top.

it’s Saul’s v2 config

I’m not familar with that. Do you have a link?

This should work with a OCIO v2 config. Here’s the full config so you can see how it’s used: