Why my color is Different from Resolve and Nuke using ACES 1.3 ?

I use the node based ACES color management workflow mentioned in this YouTube Video ACES 1.3 with Davinci Resolve 18 - NEW! and UPDATED! training - YouTube ,but when i read the same footage (Arri LogC4) in Nuke ( also using ACES 1.3 ) , it appeal to be brighter than view in Resolve, this issue also happened to other footage like Braw. Is there any wrong with my setting here? Any comments or suggestion are welcome!

Hello, your nuke scene doesn’t have OCIO enabled, you just changed the “default preferences”.
Make sure to go in the Project Settings (S key) > Color > color management = OCIO

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thank you for your rely! i’m so stupid :joy:
but there is another question i just came up, why it said " Error:(ARRILogC4) not found" in my read node?

I think it’s because you need to use the studio config, I picked the cg one just for the example, but I think it’s the studio variant that has the ARRI LogC4 colorspace.

Success! I changed to studio config, and the image is the same now! Thank you for your help! :grinning:

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