Will ACES Improve Color Accuracy when Printing in Affinity Designer?

I’m not sure if ACES, or any OCIO tool for that matter, will help. I am using Affinity Designer to edit and print jpeg and .png files to my Epson printer for sublimation. Everything was going great until I tried printing an image with different shades of green. Anything green prints blue, regardless of how green the image appears on my computer monitor. I’ve tried using the icc profile for my sublim ink, the icc profile for my sublim paper, and the native Epson drivers, but nothing seems to help. I’ve also tried cleaning the print heads, to no avail. Affinity Designer gives users the ability to import an OpenColorIO configuration file, but I’m not sure if ACES is the solution.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or recommendations. I’m moments away from unplugging the printer and throwing it out the window.


Hi Lisa,

I don’t have any real experience in printing workflows but I do know a few things to keep in mind.

  1. To get the best printing results for your own printer, you need to calibrate it’s ability to produce colors so it’s profile can be used to soft-proof your image on the computer.
  2. I would run a test print to see if there are no technical issues with the device. Some test images with various different color pallets images and some primary/secondary swatches.
  3. ACES is more of a framework to manage and finish images for various displays. It won’t have any real impact in the capabilities/quality for your printing device compared to what you may already produce. If your image already looks fantastic on your calibrated display it should print fine as long as you can make sure the translation to what the printer needs to produce is as correct as it can be.

I remember there being a Youtube video that goes into great detail on how to calibrate a printer and best practices for soft-proofing etc. If I can find it I’ll share it with you.

Hope you’ll hold on to that printer for a moment and can sort it out:)