XYZ Colorspace

Hi All,
I am working on Aces Workflow in DaVinci Resolve 16. I render some clips ( Arri/Red) or any files through ODT => P3 DCI to J2C (XYZ colour space ) format.
While importing render J2C files to Aces project it looks weird colours even after selecting IDT=> P3 DCI. I feel that Aces workflow is not supporting XYZ colour space.
In the same workflow I render in Tiff (XYZ) 16bit files, even this files look weird colours.
If we render Tiff (RGB) 16 bit, looks fine while importing into same Aces project.
So it’s not rendering issues it’s about XYZ colour space Transform.
If any suggestions regarding above workflow kindly share.


X’Y’Z’ is not the same thing as P3 DCI. It is not an RGB colour space, and it you treat it and display it as if it is, you will see ‘weird’ colours. That is the correct and expected result.

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Hi nick, I am excepting some IDT=> DCI XYZ in Resolve ACES workflow.
Other wise we can achieve some what close to RGB space look by doing workaround… IDT=> P3 DCI & having a Color Space Plug-in Node

It is a bit confusing. The Resolve “XYZ TIFF” export option includes a conversion from P3 DCI RGB to X’Y’Z’, so should be used with a “P3 DCI (D60 sim)” ODT. The JPEG2000 export options do not, so should be used with a DCDM ODT.

Whichever one you use, they can be brought back into an ACES project for viewing using the DCDM IDT (inverse ODT) and will give a result matching the original.

Thanks Nick, I got it. It’s matching