ACES session today at 10:15a pt - ASWF Open Source Days

open source days

Join the ACES session at the virtual ASWF Open Source Days event!

10:15a – 10:55a (pt)

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Our topic will be Charting a Vibrant and Open Plan for ACES 2.0 and Beyond.

“With the upcoming release of v2.0, ACES will have reached an important milestone by addressing many of the key issues users requested since our original launch. ACES project leaders will discuss the latest developments and engage session participants in a dialog to ensure that ACES evolves as a vibrant, sustainable, and freely available system.”

You’ll be able comment and ask questions in the chat…looking forward to seeing you!

The event is free and you can register at:…/register/

Thanks @stobenkin ! Has this meeting been recorded by any chance ? I have missed all ASWF Open Source Days events since I was on holidays.


All the sessions were recorded by ASWF and are on their YouTube channel. Here is the link to the ACES session: [ACES] Charting a Vibrant and Open Plan for ACES 2.0... Alex Forsythe, Steve Tobenkin & Joachim Zell - YouTube

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Thanks a lot @sdyer ! I’ll be watching this with great interest !