Canon IDTs

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Canon Input Device Transform (IDT) files are published on the following websites. Set “OS Version” to Windows 7, and select the “Software” tab to see them.

Canon C500 -

Canon C300 -

Canon C300 mark II -

Canon C100 -

Canon C100 mark II - None found (24/02/2016). Link would be:

Hi Admin

Could anyone tell me how I might get DaVinci Resolve to ingest and use a new .ctl file or IDT? There doesn’t seem to be any documentation on how to do it. Specifically I want to use the .ctl file for the C100 Mark II.

Although you can download all of the IDT‘s for various Canon cinema cameras from their website, I also cannot find any information on how to get these input transforms into Resolve – I’m looking everywhere and really can’t find anything – I think the ACES workflow might be the answer to many of the shortcomings I’m finding with other workflows but the lack of information is really frustrating.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Resolve does not support adding custom IDTs so that they appear in the drop-down with the built in ones. It also does not support CTL directly.

But you can manually convert CTL code to Resolve’s DCTL, and apply custom IDTs using that. I converted the ALEXA EI800 IDT in that way, and provide it via my website at no charge as an example of CTL to DCTL conversion. I also have a few other converted IDTs available there at $30 each, for those who don’t feel up to doing it themselves, but that does not include any Canon ones at the moment.

Nick –
I’d happily pay $30 for one for the canon C 200. Please message me if you have a chance to make one.

Which Canon IDT? There are 12 in the set Canon provide, covering various combinations of primaries and transfer function.