Could you please give a quick update of the ACES project?

Hello all :slight_smile:

I have been away from this forum for about 6 month. Is there something fundamental or important new that happend in the ACES project?
I found that there is a OCIO config 1.2.

Anything else I have overlooked?

Are there some posts here I should read?

Thanks for your help!


Hey @Peter_Rixner,

Seems like that @steven.tobenkin could probably give you a proper summary.



Yes, hi Peter and Thomas,

Just wrapping up some other deadlines today, but here are a few recent milestones off the top of my head:

  1. ACES 1.2 released (
  2. Product Partners show that they are integrating 1.2 and exchanging files in a workflow demonstration (
  3. Serious work being done in Gamut VWG and other remaining ACES 2.0 identified VWGs (like IDT and ODT groups) starting (
  4. Despite Covid work stoppage, productions are continuing to use ACES (
  5. OCIO 2.0 released with new support for ACES coming (

Steve T


Thanks Steve! That’s perfect!

Peter Rixner

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