Free Series On ACES For Resolve Users

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I’m Robbie Carman. I’m a colorist and co-founder of - a membership website focused on color grading training.

To support the launch of ACES central we made our 3-part series on getting started with ACES in DaVinci Resolve 100% free (previously it was only available to members).

You can find a link to each of the ACES Insights below. Please keep in mind that these were done a couple months ago and based on current info at the time

Part 1:
Part 2:…/getting-to-know-aces-part-2/
Part 3:…/getting-to-know-aces-part-3/

A big thanks to ACES workflow specialist Nick Shaw from Antler Post in the U.K,. for his input on ACES workflow in Resolve and filling a few technical gaps.

Thanks to the entire ACES/AMPAS team for making this site happen!



we’ve added a new part to this series (also free) exploring ACEScct in DaVinci Resolve.

You can find the new installment here


Thank You very much. Very insightful :slight_smile:


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one miss-step in part4… you say it’s 1.03, Peter says it’s not

to quote Peter;

				The 12.5.3 update is to ACES 1.0.2 spec but we also added the new ACEScct color correction working space transforms that are in ACES 1.0.3.

balance of 1.0.3 is still in progress so we didn’t list as a 1.0.3
update but did want to let you know about the ACEScct transforms.


I was aware of Peter’s response on Lift Gamma Gain, I was waiting on one more piece of confirmation. Nick Shaw had also mentioned this issue in the comments.

I’ve updated the Part 4 article and the video to clarify the 1.02 vs 1.03 issue.

ACEScct released as part of 1.03 but seems like BMD decided to implement it while 1.02 was current and based on a commit to ACEScct that had been made earlier this summer.

Since the release of Resolve 14, I think one can now make the LUT workflow that you explained so well work by choosing cc or cct for ODT. Right?



Yep - that should be all you need now. The work-around before I showed was to use one of Nick Shaw’s DCTLs to take 2065 AP0 (ODT Off) and get it back to CC/CCT for the handoff. But now that you can explicitly choose CC/CCT as an ODT now that’s effectively the same thing