Hello I am new Here

Hello I am new in this world and I would like to add ACES to use, but I can´t see any guide to install, or how to get the system, there is not a guide video, Thank you.

Welcome and thanks for your first post.

The way one uses ACES is through the software and hardware you use in whatever your workflow is. Depending on what your ‘role’ is (DP, DIT, Colorist, VFX artist, etc.) you will have a different level of interaction with ACES.

I recommend you start here, with the Primer and Quick Start Guides:

If you share a little more about the types of productions you do and what your role is, we can help more!


Steve Tobenkin
ACESCentral Admin

Hello and welcome @cachondin_2,

if you could tell us in which context you wish to use ACES, we would be able to help you more.
Which software do you use for instance ?


Thank you for your fast reply, I am doing regular music videos, and I use DR and PP, I have a PC windows 10 64 bits, I make the shoots and also color corrections editing, I have a Sony A7Sll but definitely I do not know how to install ACES in my PC, I’ll check the link you provide to me, and I hope I can understand how to do it. Thank you

No worries @cachondin_2

You do not need to install anything, just download from this link :

This an OCIO config that you can load into some softwares, although I don’t think it is compatible with Premiere Pro.
Maybe have a look at this thread :

What does DR stand for ?

Hope this helps,

Thank you, Chris, I´ll download it. I´ll let you know more about my advances in futures posts.
All the Best.

Hi Luch, welcome!

I assume you meant Davinci Resolve by DR?
Resolve has a well integrated ACES color workflow. There are a ton of videos on Youtubethat cover how to set this up.
Maybe look at this one, although you probably want to use the latest ACES version and choose ACEScct instead of cc.

Good luck!