How can I list an ACES related event on the ACES Master Calendar?

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The ACES Master calendar is located here:

If you or your organization has an ACES related event, or presentation and you would like to have it eatured in the ACES Calendar, please contact us at the email address below to discuss.

To be considered,

  1. your presentation/event must be free to attend
  2. it must not be an overt sales pitch for any product or service
  3. you must share your course/presentation outline with us and engage in a discussion about content, information accuracy and goals, at least one week prior to the session, and
  4. you acknowledge that you are wholly responsible for the content of your session, including any clearances for speakers, presentation materials, etc.

The decision to feature content here is at the sole discretion of the ACES Team.

Contact: to submit a listing request.