Masterclass on Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) at IFFI (Goa Film Festival)

Originally published at: ACES Vice-chair Joachim Zell and ACES Adoption Lead Steve Tobenkin will teach a 90 minute Masterclass on the Academy Color Encoding System, at the 53rd Annual IFFI Goa Film Festival on Saturday November 26 in Goa, India. The class is expected to be streamed and posted afterwards for the community to enjoy…check back here…

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If you attended the Masterclass or participated in one of our meetings with cinematographers or colorists in Mumbai, please let us know what you thought and how we can keep this conversation going!

What kind of programs can we institute to encourage people to use ACES, how can we make it easier for you?

Masterclass Q&A

Masterclass Audience

Colorist/ACES User Meetup in Mumbai

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