Meeting - CLF Spec / Code Review - 2/6/19 9am pst

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The second meeting of the CLF Spec / Code Review Virtual Working Group will take place on

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019
9am - 10:30am PST (Los Angeles time)

The meeting will be lead by working group Chairman JD Vandenberg.

We will again use GoToMeeting to allow you to connect using your computer, tablet or smartphone, or call-in using any phone.

Instructions for GoToMeeting are below and also on the VWG Document Workspace which also provides relevant background documents for this group.

Please continue to discuss specific topics on the appropriate discussion threads here on ACESCentral. We look forward to your participation!

The ACES Team

Instructions for using GoToMeeting to join an ACES VWG Meeting

All Virtual Working Group Meetings will use GoToMeeting for their meeting calls. Check
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You may join via computer/smartphone which will allow you to see any presentations or
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Please note that meetings are recorded and open to the public. By participating you are
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Audio + Video
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
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United States: +1 (669) 224-3319
Access Code: 241-798-885

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Just a reminder that we will have our second meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, February 6, 2019 @ 9am PST (call-in information is above).

The agenda has been added to the CLF VWG Workspace and, for convenience, is posted here: Agenda CLF VWG 02-06-19.pdf (53.4 KB)

As always, the agenda, call-in information, and any supplemental documents are available on the workspace site. There you will also find a brief summary of meeting #1 decisions with direct links to the relevant conversation threads here on ACESCentral where the discussions were continued after the meeting.

Just jazzing it up a bit with a graphic! See you all tomorrow on the call!


Thank you to all who participated in the second CLF meeting.

Some outcomes:

  • After much discussion, the option for different number encodings (integer,float) should remain in the specification. [Discussion]

  • The biggest impediment to implementation/adoption of CLF seems to be the complexity in parsing something that can potentially have a huge number of process nodes in arbitrary order and having to run that efficiently on hardware. It requires savvy GPU acceleration and there is hardware in use where that is not easy to do.

  • Re: Process Nodes and complexity vs. convenience: Need to determine the basic alphabet of what’s required to manipulate all anticipated LUTs without adding too much complexity so as to be burdensome to implementors. [Discussion]

  • There could be value to adding a basic log operator in the form of a log with linear form to support the many camera log formats that have a breakpoint between a log and linear segment. [Discussion]

Please continue to discuss these items, but please do so in the relevant discussion threads linked above (or start a new one specific to your question/comment).

The next meeting is planned for Friday, March 8th @9am. Details will be sent out in a new thread for that meeting shortly.