Other Process Nodes

What additional Process Nodes, if any, should be added as “required” in the specification?

Some implementations have added their own extensions to CLF - should any of these be pulled in and added to the spec?

For context, some of the mentioned goals in providing the extensions:

  • To have a superset of the basic operators available in OCIO.
  • To have the minimum operators to be able to implement ACES Output Transforms in an accurate way over a wide range of floating point values without requiring enormous 3D LUTs. Basic building blocks allow for representing the ACES RRT glow and red modifier.

The extensions include:

  • Gamma
  • Log
  • ExposureContrast
  • Group - to organized a subset list of nodes that represent a single transform
  • others?

Does the current list of Process Nodes meet the needs of the user base? Is there value in adding these or other nodes? Please share your thoughts.