More “proof” that ACES is global!

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You probably already know that ACES is not just for Hollywood films. It’s being used globally, from Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand to Poland, Russia, Turkey and dozens of other countries…you can now add UAE to the list!

Behind the Scenes, a Dubai-based production house, hosted a masterclass for cinematographers with the support of Dubai Culture, Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai Film and TV Commission.

The classes were taught by Cinematographer Theo Van De Sande ASC, Cinematographer Steven Shaw ASC and Joachim Zell, VP of Technology EFILM Deluxe and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science ACES project vice-chair. Topics included camera work, lighting, imaging science, color correction and ACES!

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Joachim Zell and class members

Steve Shaw, ASC on-set

Theo Van De Sande ASC in the classroom