NVIDIA Advocates ACES for HDR Game Development

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NVIDIA advocates the use of an ACES-based imaging pipeline for game development to make game titles look awesome on the latest UHD HDR displays while at the same time making the same game still look great on a traditional SDR display.

To ease the transition to such an ACES-based imaging pipeline, NVIDIA created a parameterized GPU-based ACES pipeline that implements a wide range of ODTs. Find the SDK and the accompanying whitepaper at the link below.

High Dynamic Range Display Development @ NVIDIA

We look forward to others in the gaming field adopting ACES for their color pipelines as well.

Thomas J. True, NVIDIA

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Thanks for posting Tom!

Everyone, you can download the white paper and SDK using the link above…
or just the white paper below. ACES section starts on page 27.

UHDColorForGames.pdf (1.1 MB)