"Problem" with EXR files

Hey! I’m having a problem saving my Arnold renders to EXR. The exr file doesn’t match at all what I see on Arnold render view. The colors are completely off, but when I save my render as a PNG, the image is perfect, exactly like I see on the render view. For example. The top image is the image saved as PNG and the bottom one is the one saved as EXR. the png one matches perfectly what I see on the render view. I’m trying to open the exr files with after effects and photoshop. maybe I’m missing some step on these programs?

Hello Italo and welcome !

I guess your issue is not with the exr file itself but with the way you view/display it.

When you save an png file, you probably burn the ODT in it (display-referred values). On the opposite, when you save an exr file, values are written as scene-referred. The bottom exr file seems to be displayed with a simple sRGB transfer function instead of an ACES ODT).

So when you import an exr file into Photoshop or After effects, you need to display under the same conditions than in Arnold. Issue is there is no (official) OCIO integration in those softwares.

You have a couple of solutions though :

  • You could use a non-commercial version of Nuke (which is free to download).
  • Or try the OCIO plugins for After effects and Photoshop.

We discussed in a previous thread about After Effects :

And here is a tutorial for Photoshop :

Hope this helps,


hey! thank you a lot! I tried downloading the OpenColorIO plugin for After Effects, but none color profile I chose worked ): I had seen this After Effects topic before I post here, just in case someone had the same problem. But this photoshop one I hadn’t seen. I’m going to try it now. Thanks!! Btw, you’re the one who wrote that book on Aces, aren’t you? I read all of your texts about it :grin::grin::grin:

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Hi Italo,

can you elaborate on your workflow a bit more?

Your question seems more about a view transform in general than an ACES specific question.



Hey, Daniel! Yeah, you’re right, Chris Brejon told me that. I downloaded and installed the Photoshop plugin OpenColorIO and managed to get the correct result, but I still didn’t get to find a way of viewing the correct colors in After Effects, which is the one I really need to use :confused: I don’t know how to use Nuke

Hey Italo,

Have you looked into this tutorial? It should help you set up your AE project correctly and should also apply to your EXR files.
Also don’t forget the thing he mentions in the description for your exports ;).