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First time poster on the forums. I am editing on a show that is delivering in P3-D65 ST2084 1000 nit/ ACEScct 1.0.3. The end of our credit sequence features two production logos. Without knowing specifically where these came from, how would I go about figuring out which IDT to assign to these TIF files to properly add them into my aces workflow? When I open them in photoshop they are showing as RGB 8 bit. I do see an sRGB option within my DI software. Any tips would be much appreciated.

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Hello @Ben,
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For logos, I would suggest to use your ODT as an IDT, so they do not get affected by the Output Transform. This process, called “inverted IDT”, is recommended in this very specific case.

For example, on our show we use the P3D65 ODT, whenever we have a logo to import from a company or a brand, we use “Ouput-P3D65” as an IDT.

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Hi Christophe,

Thank you for the information and fast response. In the case of DaVinci Resolve, is this as easy as accessing the ACES Input Transform for these clips and selecting P3-D65. Or does this need to specifically be an ODT, how does one tell the difference? Would you also treat titles in this fashion as well? Subtitles, Credits, etc.

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Hello again @benfolts,

yes it should be as easy as that. I have just done the test myself and it is a perfect match.

I would also treat titles the same way, basically anything you would want to bypass the ODT. Just be careful as it could cause some artifacts in some cases (never experienced it myself but some users apparently have).

Here is a thread you may want to read :

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@ChrisBrejon This is a great help. Thank you for the time.