Saturated Colors in ACEScg


I’m using V.ray on 3ds max 2023 with ACEScg but colors too saturated, so how I can get correct picked color in acescg ? and please I’m not technical so talk with me in simple statements and clear steps.

** when I change Display Correction to Gamma 2.2 and look at “VRayDiffuseFilter”, color become correct, so I don’t know what I can do to get correct colors in ACEScg workflow **

Final Result :

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Hi, I am not a MAX and neither a VRAY user.

But, it looks like that there are two things happening:

A non ACES gamma 2.2 view transform looks simply different to the ACES RRT&ODT or any other view transform.
The 3D-scene RGB value of 1 is mapped to 0.81198 in the sRGB ODT. I wrote a bit about this topic on my blog (1.2. Linear Ramps – Brylka – TooDee – PanicPost)

Blender for example does not convert picked color values from sRGB to ACEScg. You have to do this by yourself. Otherwise you might end up with too saturated colours. I linked another article from my blog directly here on (Understanding Gamut with ACES & Blender)

I hope this helps.

thanks for replay :cherry_blossom:

i used ACEScg Color Value and it’s become correct result so you mean the problem in convert image inside V.ray because i can’t do anything in this process, you can read doc :


Based on the above, i have two question :

  1. Do you think the last update to 3ds max " Color Management" will fix this problem?


  1. if your answer on first question no, what i can do :sweat_smile: ?