setting up IDT of textures.

can anyone give me text file or pdf which contains all the IDT’s which should be use for images. I am having some probems like , i have downloaded a 3d model for 3d models haven with diffuse, roughness and normal map, specular map . I have read on internet that 8bit textures jpeg and png need to set in utility srgb textures but i am getting some washed out image .After that i tried setting up that textures in output srgb and it is giving much more accurate respresentation of colors which is pretty close to the map that i see in windows image viewer. so will you please provide some resources which can help me to set correct IDT.


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Here is an image that I found quite useful :

It seems to me that it is the albedo map that is giving you most trouble. Artists generally complain about their renders getting darker, like in this very instructive post. So I am not sure why it is getting washed out. Could you please provide some images/renders ?

Using an ODT (such as Output-sRGB) as an IDT for textures is not a method that we recommend on ACEScentral. I’ll just quote Thomas here :

Hope I can help furthermore when you provide some images.
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I am also confronted often with the same question and I am actually working for a while on a way how to describe what happens when you use the ODT as IDT - what doesn’t really make any sense.

In the process of writing I also found a little workaround with Nuke and the MatchGrade node that might could help in some cases, but depends on the content of the texture and what you wanna do.

I think it’s coming from the way of thinking that there is only one ODT back in the day when there was only one display type, which is your monitor that you are looking at in that moment, but this is not true and not the idea behind ACES.

One of some ways to show that it means to use the ODT as IDT is with a white image from Photoshop.
The left surface uses the IDT sRGB-Texture and a value of 1.0, the right surface uses the ODT with a value of

To demonstrate this I am writing an article about this topic on my website
Thanks Chris for the image you postet on the how to use textures as shaders.
I am trying to focus on the why and what does that mean in a 3D scene.

The article is not “online” and finished yet, but I am happy to share this here of course, especially I would be grateful if mistakes or wrongfully used terms would be pointed out.