Visit the ACESCentral tent at CineGear 2017 - B124 in the 'Blue Sky Tank'

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The Academy, the ASC and ICG Local 600, invite you to join us at the ACESCentral tent throughout CineGear 2017! This is the place to learn practical details about using ACES in production and to meet DPs, DITs, colorists, VFX supervisors and ACES Product Partners who also know about image quality and will help you understand managing color in your ACES-based workflows. ACES staff will be there too to help you join the ACES user community and answer your questions about getting the most out of working with ACES.

Schedule (These are specific presentation times, but come by anytime the exhibits are open)

Friday June 2

12:00 – 8pm ACES Tent is open!
Stephen Latty, DIT will be here all day with his cart and tools to show you how he does ACES.

2:30pm “On-Set Color Pipeline on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2”
Matt Tomlinson, Sr VP Imaging Science, SHED will detail the ACES on-set workflow
and post-production color pipeline he helped design for the blockbuster Guardians sequel.

5:00 p “ACES – Why Producers and Directors Should Care”
Glenn Gainor, Head of Physical Production at Screen Gems explains why producers, directors and everyone in the production process should know about ACES. Glenn is a DGA and PGA member with extensive ACES experience, and is uniquely qualified to help you understand the benefits of ACES.

6:00 pm “ACES – Soup to Nuts ”
Cinematographer Andrew Shulkind and Shane Reed, Sr. Colorist/Partner at
Apache discuss how ACES can help whether you’re producing an indie
feature or a commercial, plus how it can improve your HDR and VR experiences, too!

Saturday, June 3

10:00a – 5:00 ACES Tent is open!
Stephen Latty, DIT will be here all day with his cart and tools to show you how he does ACES.

11:30a "How I do ACES"
John Daro, Senior Colorist at FotoKem talks about his extensive use of ACES on
a number of widely varied projects. Special attention will be paid to the practical
steps in using ACES and questions are encouraged! Come learn from one of LA’s
leading colorists how you too can ‘do ACES’.

1:30p “Post Production and VFX Pipeline on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”
Michael Maloney Image Pipeline Supervisor, Marvel Entertainment, will tell you how Marvel used ACES in post and VFX on their latest blockbuster. Don’t miss this!

3:00 pm “Color Management for Virtual Reality”
Cinematographer Andrew Shulkind and Panavision Special Optics Lead/Colorist Dave Franks will have a lively discussion on how to manage color half a dozen different cameras pointing it all different directions. ACES is being used in VR - come and find out more!

Looking forward to seeing you!

The ACES Team

CineGear Expo is held at Paramount Studios. Registration and other logistical info can be found here:

Please note: Subject to change and speaker availability

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the ACESCentral Tent at CineGear 2017.

It was pretty much SRO both days!

Special thanks to Colorist/DIT Stephen Latty for walking people thru how he used ACES on several shows, in SDR and HDR!

(photo credit: Bonnie Osborne)

We’re working on cutting the videos of the presentations, which will be posted on the AcacemyACES video channel on YouTube. We’ll announce that on and Twitter as soon as they’re ready.

Those should include:
Matt Tomlinson, Sr. VP Imaging Science, SHED talking about the ACES on-set for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Glenn Gainor, Head of Physical Production, Screen Gems talking about why Producers and Directors should care about ACES.

Sr Colorist Shane Reed and Cinematographer Andrew Shulkind on their use of ACES in various types of productions.

John Daro, Sr. colorist, FotoKem giving some ACES Tips and Tricks on three productions he colored.

Michael Maloney, Image Pipeline Supervisor, Marvel Entertainment with the insight on the VFX and Post pipeline for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Cinematographer Andrew Shulkind and Panavision Special Optics Lead/Colorist Dave Franks talking about why Standards are vital to the success of Virtual Reality and how ACES fits in.

Thanks everyone…hope you got your ACES hat too!