ACES 2.0 Meta Framework


as promised here is a document gathering thoughts about a possible future for the ACES project in terms of a modular meta-framework.
It is short but I hope still valuable.

Proposal_ACES_Next_Metaframe.pdf (908.9 KB)


Über-CMS <3

No surprise but excellent to see that written @daniele! I only wish it came last week as some of those points were discussed during TAC this morning but not to the extent they should have been. It is certainly worth re-raising to Arch. TAC specifically. There are good points made and it would be a shame not doing it.



Very interesting. Thanks Daniele !

This idea of “meta framework” or modularity was discussed during the last TAC meeting (here is a link to the recording) and it would have been great to have these slides for better illustration.

The terminology explanation about Color Management System and Color Management Workflow is quite enlightening to say the least.

Hopefully it can be discussed in a more precise way next time,